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Operational Excellence

As Healthcare providers face rising costs, operational efficiency becomes crucial in enabling maximum utilization of all resources. In this situation, transforming business operations to achieve urgent growth is possible only through implementing effective solutions that can tackle bottlenecks and address everyday problems.

What we do
At EHS, we support clients on key issues such as rising costs, increasing patient demand, decreasing reimbursement and limited resources, through optimizing and streamlining processes focused on advanced operations, performance improvement and employee engagement.

We understand how operations management is an on-going task that requires a high level of competency in practical implementation and decision making. Our Clinical and Operations Management tools increase effective capacity to treat more patients, manage costs, decrease care variation and improve procedural performance. At EHS we offer Operations Excellence to drive rapid, sustainable improvements in care quality, patient satisfaction, and financial performance while cogently managing your data to ensure margin improvements and clinical effectiveness.

With direct operational, financial and functional proficiency, our incisive methodology is designed to improve performance and outcomes, enabling you to firmly control your organizations future.

How we do it

EHS Clinical and Operational solutions involve:

  1. Process redesign: Using proven industry best practices as benchmarks, we conduct detailed analysis to identify opportunities and pinpoint areas of improvement. We then work collaboratively to redesign and streamline client operations.
  2. Capacity & Service demand Assessment: We closely examine existing facilities to assess design and capacity and look for areas of expansion to meet growing demand.
  3. Patient Satisfaction: In the healthcare industry, ‘quality’ is defined by the patient’s experience and expectation around degree of comfort and care outcomes. We help our clients create a sustainable competitive advantage by repeatedly meeting and exceeding patient expectations.
  4. Lean Services: Using Lean principles is one way in which companies can greatly improve their business competiveness and effectiveness. With hands-on support in all phases of client lean programs, from small pilot tests to ambitious, enterprise-wide transformation programs, we enable clients to cut costs and streamline patient flow.

Labor Solutions
We use structured, results driven process to assess current labor performance, identify improvement areas and implement solutions for both short and long-term efficiency.
Our Labor solutions involve:

  1. Workload volumes: We establish processes to effectively handle workloads through examining service demand, coordination and utilization.
  2. Staffing management: We develop and implement tools that optimize staffing levels, match staff demand and manage overtime, paid time off and contract labor.
  3. Labor productivity: We optimize staffing levels through monitoring systems such as position control, vacancy review committees, and labor productivity monitoring.
  4. Physician solutions: By aligning goals and incentives, we increase physician productivity and improve patient satisfaction to create a competitive edge.

Quality Certifications and Accreditation
The mandates impacting the delivery of quality healthcare can become overwhelming. EHS assists clients in preparing for Healthcare Quality accreditations recognized by international health regulatory authorities such as JCI and NABH.

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