Our Services


In a rapidly growing industry, outsourcing becomes the need of the hour for entering larger markets and expanding your reach. Given the relentless focus on managing outcomes and cost reduction, seeking new experience in clinical and non-clinical functions through outsourcing partners becomes a viable and exciting option.

What we do

EHS offers credible outsourcing services that help you reach your goals faster. Our outsourcing and technology set up models are custom designed to maximize the use of existing infrastructure while addressing your individual needs. Using best practice designs and workflows, we bring in highly skilled and trained clinical professionals, and world class technology partners with superior technology adoption to improve quality, decrease turnaround times, and increase cost effectiveness.

We enable you to focus on your core business by delivering expertise that is lacking within your organization. EHS outsourcing services increase productivity and margins, reduce costs, provide greater accountability and increase staff and patient satisfaction.

How we do it

Our outsourcing services include:

Hospital Management
We facilitate end-to end management services that help in streamlining processes while introducing and implementing new services and technology.

We offer core services such as 3 Tier Tele Radiology services to improve quality of clinical outcome, decrease turnaround time, build cost effectiveness and boost efficiency without increasing your documentation responsibility.

We outsource the complex care, dialysis services, inpatient kidney care and apheresis therapies required for end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, to specialists. This relieves your staffing pressure and releases more infrastructure and time.

Long-term Care
We engaging competitive service providers and experts to monitor and support all long-term care facilities. This includes medical and non-medical needs of people with a chronic illness or disability who require sustained support and care over long periods of time.

EHS enhances your existing services in the increasingly popular field of assisted reproduction treatments as well as in vitro related procedures such as IVF-ICSI, through partnerships with the best players in the market offering appropriate setups.

Laboratory Outsourcing
We partner with the most capable and reliable technology partners and laboratories to help widen your services and enhance quality of care within your facilities. This leads to improved efficiency and cost effectiveness of all testing and procedures while hugely reducing turnaround time.

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance
EHS offers an innovative solution to manage the expenses related to repair and maintenance of all biomedical services through a customized approach that combines traditional approaches into an efficient, cost-effective system anchored by a centralized contract management process.

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