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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle begins from the moment a patient registers for care and ends only after the account is closed. This involves collecting data about each patient from various clinical and financial processes throughout the organization. The revenue cycle covers everything from verifying coverage, determining benefits and patient financial responsibility to managing patient flow, capturing charges and coding them accurately, submitting bills and claims, collecting funds from patients and payers and offering financial services when needed.
With the transformation of healthcare reimbursement and pressing concerns about margin elevation, a steady cash in-flow becomes vital for healthcare providers. A well-managed, competent revenue cycle protects revenue and accelerates cash flow. Supported by a strong information infrastructure, it can help in standardization of procedures and enable information sharing across operational units.

What we do
EHS helps you to adopt value-based reimbursement and embrace new payment and governance models. Through our revenue cycle expertise, we provide immediate margin enhancement while driving financial results. Our innovative Revenue Cycle Management process includes keeping track of claims in the system, making sure payments are collected and addressing denied claims while defining patient insurance eligibility. Our consultants understand the complexity of an organization’s revenue cycle with an in-depth knowledge of compliance issues, billing regulations, productivity, staffing benchmarks and information systems.

At EHS we focus on cash acceleration by identifying and fixing potential revenue leakage areas, and automating processes, thereby maximizing your billing and collection performance. We identify overlooked charge opportunities and fine tune extended business office services, while looking for new avenues of improving revenue generation within the existing system.

How we do it
We offer different services that can be customized to suit individual requirements:

Our team of revenue cycle experts and professionals work in close partnership with each client to explore new avenues increase cash flow and decrease costs through:

  • Hospital and Physician Revenue Cycle: End-to-end consulting to maximize cash flow and optimize operational efficiency, while reducing costs and plugging potential revenue leakages
  • Clinical Revenue Cycle: Consulting in health information management, revenue integrity and coding to keep pace with industry changes.

Business Office Management
EHS Business Office Management solution improves long-term financial performance in three critically important areas: medical eligibility, denial management and prevention and accounts receivable management. With our skilled resources managing your business office, your health system will reap the benefits of revenue cycle best practices that improve cash flow, increase net revenue and reduce days in accounts receivable.

  • Denials Management & Prevention: EHS’s Denials Management and Prevention services gives your organization the power to recoup revenues lost through clinical, technical and administrative denials, without shifting staff resources away from patient care.
  • Accounts Receivable Recovery: EHS’s Accounts Receivable Recovery services resolve A/R with low-risk and high-impact engagements that help meet critical cash requirements and recover the revenue you’ve earned. Through short-term engagements we focus on aging A/R in specific financial classes or improve long-term financial performance by reducing your A/R backlog and bringing in process, policy and system changes without stretching your resources.

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