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Technology Solutions

From accessing large databases and effectively using social networking for business development and awareness programs, to creating and implementing innovative education programs, technology has moved to the forefront of the healthcare industry.

What we do
With the intent to transform the industry by delivering affordable healthcare to an expanded population base, EHS brings you the latest in integrated IT systems. We focus on standardizing transactions and protecting personal health information, while acquiring and developing tools that effectively and economically achieve these objectives.

With our in-house IT department that supports your business at every step, we are changing the way the medical industry is managed. From creating paperless environments to complete integration of various departments, our IT-enabled upgrades include digital health records as well as the delivery of healthcare information.

How we do it
EHS offers consulting, software applications, digital health knowledge resources, electronic medical records, mobile healthcare, hospital information systems, platforms and infrastructure support, social networking, data centers and hosting, vendor procurement, contract consultancy, management and FMS. Our Technology services include:

IT Consulting:

  • Developing and implementing roadmaps and strategy for EMR conversion
  • Program Management through managers with specific domain expertise with systems such as Oracle and SAP
  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Data Marts, Executive Dashboards
  • Handling RFI/RFQ/RFP preparations, reviews and discussions with vendors

Enterprise Architecture Consulting:

  • Data Architecture
  • Business Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Technical Architecture
  • Network Architecture
  • Software and Hardware Architecture
  • Information Security Architecture
  • Cloud Hosting Architecture & Mobile Applications Architecture
  • Digital Space

 Social Networking:

  • Creating social networking presence on Facebook, Twitter and other similar online social networking platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Branding consultation and development of brand guidelines

Developing and Enhancing Client Mobile Applications Platform Strategy (iOS & Android)

  • Developing user-friendly mobile applications for customers (self-servicing options)
  • Medical reports and medication reminders
  • Medical check-up reminders and appointment scheduling
  • Enabling PACS on mobile platform like tablets/smartphones

Data Center and Hosting

  • Network operations center
  • Security operations center
  • Hosting client applications in a data center with a private cloud
  • Performance testing, VAPT, load analysis
  • Information security setup and assessment, perimeter security, Data loss prevention (DLP), end point security, anti-virus and malware

IT Infrastructure Setup for Hospital and Clinics

  • Data center setups
  • Server room setups
  • LV/HV room setups
  • Data, voice & cabling setups

Application Suite

  • Queue management system
  • Nurse call management
  • Building management systems
  • Digital A/V setup
  • OT setups with live streaming
  • eICU, Tele radiology, Tele medicine/consultation

IT Procurement and Vendor Management

  • Handling vendor negotiations for solutions and commercials. Reviewing software and hardware contracts and facilitating legal and financial contacts.
  • Equipment annual maintenance contracts
  • Hardware & software annual maintenance contracts
  • CMDB (configuration management database) management

FMS (IT Desktop Support)

  • Providing a SLA and Tools based IT desktop
  • Remote and online support

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